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JET Elite

JET’s engineering team started from the ground up and meticulously went part by part through metalworking lathes, mills, and saws and pushed the status quo. With updated features and fine-tuned internal mechanisms, JET sweated every detail of the manufacturing process. The result is increased precision needed to hit stricter tolerance guidelines demanded in today’s custom manufacturing settings; durability built into every work surface to do demanding jobs time and time again, and a robust commitment to safety that starts with CSA / UL approved electrics, and continues throughout every part of every machine. Each of these machines puts a stake in the ground, signaling to the rest of the market that there’s a new standard of excellence, a new Icon in manual machinery. That icon is JET Elite.

Precision is Key

Precision is needed to hit stricter tolerance guidelines demanded in today’s custom manufacturing settings. Elite Machinery meets or exceeds the highest quality standards and is made to be used in high- end tool and die shops, aerospace and medical instrument manufacturing facilities, and other industries that create precisely manufactured parts.

Durability Comes Standard

Durability is the framework of our machines, which will last long into the future. All of our lathes, mills and saws have been made with the highest standards to last for many generations of machinists.

Safety is a Must

Machine safety plays a highly important role in the overall welfare of machinist, and the shop environment. From safety guards, e-stops, electronic spindle brakes and CSA/UL electrics, Elite machines make safety the highest priority.

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